About Us

At our cat furniture store you will have the chance to find a perfect selection of cat and kitty condos, activity cat tree furniture, cat toys, cat scratching posts (cat scratchers), cat towers, cat houses, cat stairs and much more. With over 120, specially made for your pet needs models you can choose from a variety of cat furniture. All of them are well-structured and brought to you thanks to our expert research in order provide you with the best quality and services. Something that you won’t find every day.

Why Cat Scratching Posts or Trees?

Cats have a natural instinct to climb, jump, scratch and play so having specially designed cat tree or other item allows the modern indoor kitty to act and play out its basic instincts without damaging your home furniture, such as: carpets, floor, walls and other home furnishings, that you have own to be used for another purpose.

Browse our cat site and see what we cat trees and toys can offer! We have it all ? our discount cat furniture provides: wades cat trees for climbing, cat scratchers for scratching, unique cat tunnels for hiding, cat hammocks (integrated in our cat trees) for relaxing, cat beds for comfortable sleeping, kitty toys for playing, cat houses for living and so on.

Due to increased popularity on our service and taking care of over thousand of satisfied clients, please allow us at least 10-14 business days for all cat furniture or any pet furniture orders to be hand-crafted and delivered to the front of your step door, this time frame may vary. Quality takes time, these pieces of our cat proofing furniture are great, so any deal made here will be good for you.

Solid-wood construction is the basic of any of our discount and natural cat furniture. As a real and quality products they don’t have any plastic, cardboard, particle board or nails. And the best is that the kitty furniture is well protected thanks to the carpet, covered with it, which means that they are no exposed wood to your cat. We are strongly dedicated to provide high quality services, that’s why you can see our wonderful cat furniture, which fits with any household furniture and has long lasting live. Solid as a hard rock stone, no wiggle or play, and no loose and bulging carpet. The items are all made by professionalists in this guide and real pet lovers.

All of These Wholesale Pet Supplies Models are in Stock Right Now and Ready to Make Your Cat More Happy! The Best Selection of Cat Supplies is Here!