siamese cat companion review 03

Siamese Cat – Companion Review

The Siamese is a cat that originated in Thailand. At first, a cat that was only allowed to be owned by the royalty and then it gradually was exported out to the British Islands and then to North America. Its a cat that has been around for many, many generations. I would encourage you to take a look at a breeder located in Michigan, Mitten Kittens, who often has Siamese kittens for sale.

siamese cat companion review 03


I tell people that if they want to have a Siamese cat then they should not be looking for a quiet cat. Its a cat that is very active, very vocal, enjoys being around people, and it does do very well with lot of other cats as well.

It can be very protective of the owners. If it feels that the owners are threatened, it will basically sit on the owners lap and not let any other animal or person around! They can tend to be a one person cat but will integrate well with the whole family pretty much. Theyll be protective in the whole family. Because theyre so active I tend to like to see them with another cat in the house or dog in the house because when they get too bored they will go for your sheers or try to knock things off just to look for playtime. They do tend to like company with them but it doesnt have to necessarily be another person.

A lot of my cats do go to single family homes or single pet homes and they do just fine. My cats travel with me to shows obviously. We also go between home and our cottage and have a three and a half hour drive and usually no less than four or five go with us on the trip. If they didnt travel well, I couldnt tolerate having that many cats in our car for that length of time so they travel very well. My cats are all indoors and I think they do better indoors because they are very territorial and protective. I think that while outdoors they are going to be getting into more scraps with the neighbors pets, more than some other cats would do.

These are one of the longer living breeds. They live out an average of 15 to 20 years. I have one now that is 19 years of age! They do tend to stay very healthy to that end so youre not nursing an elderly cat for the long last few years of its lives. Ive had people coming to buy kittens from me because theyve lost their 22 or 23 year old Siamese. They also do very well with other animals as far as dogs.

siamese cat companion review 03


They dont seem to have any fear of any other animals so I think they do very well with just about anything, human or animal. I think just about anyone could one of these cats. As they say if youre in an apartment, where there are great restrictions on the noise levels, you might not want to get a Siamese because they do tend to vocalize. It may upset a neighbor. I think they would go very well just about with anyone!

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