birman cat companion review 03

Birman Cats – Companion Review


The breed originates from Burma and was introduced in Europe in 1932, approximately, and brought over in the US after that. Its a breed that was almost eliminated in Europe during World War II. They are also often classified as dog-like cats. Cats that like to follow you around the house, love lots of attention, generally very people-oriented cats.

birman cat companion review 03


The cats that I bring to the cat shows I do not cage. Instead I let them run around in my car. They love to be in the drivers seat sitting with you. They are very good companion cats so they are not trouble-some cats in the car and they do travel well. They enjoy the trips out to the cat shows. All the pure-bred cats to my knowledge are indoor cats and with the diseases that are prominent in outdoor cats we do not recommend any cat being an outdoor cat.

They really do like to talk too! When they want attention they will speak to you in their own distinctive voice that is not the annoying type. They will meow very, very softly in hushed tones and very lovable sounds. We found that the Birman cat is very sociable, it likes attention from everyone in the family. Its not necessarily a one-person type of cat that you will get with some breeds that will attach themselves to one person.

This is a cat that loves to play especially with some of the cat toys that they have. Its an enjoyable time to play with the cats and they like to participate with everybody. They enjoy that time of rough housing and a child can be like that at times and you will see the similarities. With their temperament, they take a little bit of abuse from kids but they love to play.

birman cat companion review 03


These cats can be introduced to many different types of households with a variety of animals, not only cats of the same breeds but other breeds as well as dogs. They adapt very well to new environments with other animals. A Birman doesnt have an undercoat like a Himalayan or Persian so they are very low maintenance cats. They brush just slightly to the hair even though its long hair cat. Combing them is very, very easy; picks up all the loose hair.

A Birman is a cat that doesnt need the attention as far as the grooming aspect goes as a lot of longer hair cats are. An ideal owner would be anyone that likes cats! It likes to have attention. Any person that wants a company of cats would be a fine owner.

We recommend that you do your reading about the Birman once you have decided to adopt one!

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