Bengal Cat – Companion Review


The Bengal breed was originally developed in California from a hybrid?of an Asian leopard cat to a domestic cat. The Asian leopard cat is a small leopard like an Ocelot or a Margay. But it comes from China rather than South America and its also a little wild cat thats not endangered and they used to be sold in pet stores as pet. This one lady named Jean Mill purchased one and it bred with her domestic cat. She assumed that the offspring would be sterile like most hybrids are but the females are actually fertile.

Once they get to the fourth generation you have both fertile males and females and you have a new breed. And those are the ones that were showing now! The breed started about 14 to 25 years ago, but its only been a recognized for showing in Canada for about the last 6 years and in the United States about 8 or 9 years. In one word, they’re very outgoing, very social, they love people. They are into everything.

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They are very busy, very active. They’re not a cat that just lies around all the time. They wanted to be with you and on you and helping you type and helping you do the dishes. They’re very personable cats. They travel very well. They seem to be very adaptable and it you take them in the car, they’ll stand and look out the window like a dog rather than hiding under the seat and screaming like most cats will.

They can be vocal if you teach them to be vocal. I don’t like my cats to be noisy so I don’t reward them when they make a lot of noise. If you get a new kitten and it cries and you pick it up, it learns within two days that by meowing a lot until it gets attention. They’re very intelligent! They’re not naturally noisy but you can teach them to be pretty noisy.

The Bengal is a very good cat with children. They are very tolerant. If they need to get away, they will struggle without using their claws. There’s really not a lot of grooming and brushing involved with the Bengal because they have a single coat. There’s no undercoat so they don’t really shed very much. Just petting them is mostly enough to keep them shiny. Maybe brushing them every once in a while but they don’t really require brushing.

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Bengals live to an average age?in?cat years which would be approximately 14 to 18 years. Some might go a little bit more, others go less if they happen to be in contact with diseases that are common to cats. The Bengal is a breed that is extremely tolerant because of its high intelligence and the high breed health that it tends to have. It makes a very good family pet.

The ideal owner for a Bengal would a person who is around quite a bit, who is willing to spend a lot of time with their cat because the Bengal will demand their attention, and somebody who is willing to pick up on the cats wants for new toys to cat-proof their house because the cat will get into things when they are bored and they do not like to be left alone a lot. Children make for?great families for these cats, very active families are wonderful for Bengals.

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